Monday, October 12, 2009

Cupcake Hussy attends Fierce & Sweet

So up until now I haven't mentioned my new business venture. The reason is that I'd been trying to keep personal and business separate but I had so much fun this weekend that I have to share it with you guys.
My business is called Cupcake Hussy and I'm making super unique really one of a kind headbands and barrettes and hair clips.
The word unique is tossed around a great deal because everyone wants to be different. I've discovered that most things described as unique actually are the opposite of it.
My stuff, really IS unique though (ain't I humble?!). You won't see the stuff I make anywhere else. It can't be recreated because it's all made using "found" vintage and retro items. Toys, game pieces, puzzle parts, old band pins, patches, feathers, rhinestones,'s attention grabbing stuff for sure.
Here is the link to my shop.

ANYWAY, the point here is that this weekend Cupcake Hussy attended a charity bake off called Fierce & Sweet out in Brooklyn.
What a great time and what amazing people!!!
I created a headband specifically for the raffle and while I was super proud of it and the way it came out, I was really nervous that it wasn't going to be well received.

The gal that won it had the most beautiful hair and the headband works really well on her. I hope she likes it!

We made cupcakes for the event (I baked about 200 of them!) and while we didn't win the cupcakes appeared to be enjoyed and I got some complements on them.

Hopefully it was a good PR move for Cupcake Hussy. Only time will tell.

I'm absolutely exhausted today because I had to lug a huge heavy suitcase and two cupcake carriers with me up and down stairs and on and off trains but it was a TON of fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are photos:

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