Friday, January 23, 2009


So I went to pick Lion and PJ up today and when I went to get Lion his teacher told me that Veronica in the office wanted to talk to me. "I don't know what it could be about"
I get up there and it turns out she's a social worker for the school.
She ushers me over to her desk (at this point I'm wondering what on EARTH could be going on. It's NEVER good when a Social Worker for the Board of Ed wants to have a private discussion with you...)
She tells me that Lion's teacher has told her that Lion "never has snacks" and he winds up at snack time sitting and watching the other kids eat.
Also Lion's teacher has told her that I've been bringing him to school with a very heavy wet diaper.
Oh and today he didn't have a coat...
What's this?!

She by told me YESTERDAY at the end of the school day that he didn't have any snacks.
I went shopping today and got a ton of stuff for him to leave in his cubby.
How long had he not had snack? No idea. I only know he's out when SHE TELLS ME...
The diaper thing? When Lion wakes up he gets a diaper change, before school he usually has a sippy of juice.
I change his diaper less than an hour before we leave to go to school.
I have no idea what time they change his diaper at during the day, but there is no way I'd send him to school with a saggy diaper.
It just wouldn't happen.
As for his coat today? He had one. I'd never send him without one. He just REFUSED to put it on.

I'm going to talk to his teacher. She's a cool gal and I think somewhere something might have gotten lost in the translation here...

In the grand scheme of things I know these items are not a huge deal but I'm sitting here feeling like I want to burst into tears.
I am NOT one who will stamp my foot and get indigent and uppity when I'm wrong but I swear to God that she talked to the social worker about either issue makes me feel horrible.
I don't care what you think of me as a human or as a person but as a MOTHER?! Yes, I care a great deal.
I care a whole lot that right now there is a woman who works for the Hoboken School System in the social services department that now thinks I send my kid to school hungry and wet.
THAT bothers me beacuse NEITHER are true.
Have I forgotten snack? Of course! Lots of times. I've also run home to get snack and come back again with it.
Right now I'm feeling like a rather horrible mother...seriously.

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