Friday, November 18, 2011


Ya know what I love about the Internet? It often has a really cool snowball effect and can take you to places and conjure up memories long since locked away.

YouTube is the catalyst for me tonight. I'll often go hunting on there for old school glam videos to remind me of my past but tonight it started with Kiss videos from the 80's and went off from there. I found myself looking for memories of my time with the NYC 8th Street Playhouse Rocky Horror cast.

 We were about 13 when we became part of the crew. Only Chrissy became an official cast member, playing Columbia every Friday and Saturday night. When I ran across this video it shot me back to such a specific time that I had visions of clothing I owned but had forgotten about, about moments, feelings and people who were such an important time in my life back then.

Funny how one clip can do all that to you.

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