Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doggie Brain Dump

I'm sure I've talked about my dog Humphrey here before. Humprey is my 13 year old tri colored Basset Hound.
We got him as a tiny puppy of 8 weeks old at a place in Brooklyn called "World Of Pets"
We had just gotten married in September and we went there to buy Mike a huge fishtank and fishies and all the other accessories that go with being a fish geek.

Half joking as we got out of the car I said

"There had better not be a Basset Hound in there or you are in trouble"

Humphrey in all of his 8 week old floppy glory sat dead center in the display window.  

We went to the fish section and got all Mike needed to be a happy fish-a-phile and I asked the guy if we could just see the sweet tri colored houndie pup in the window.

He was so little and sweet and when he tripped over Mike's shoe and fell face down ass up that was it. I had to have him.  He was my wedding gift from Mike.

Bassets can't have stupid names like Fluffy or Spot. They have to have serious names like Mortimer or Bernard or Angus. We chose Humphrey.

Humphrey has been with me for 13 years has moved 7 times with us, gone from being my only child to the third child and has maintained the sweetest demaenor ever the whole way through.

I'm crazy about that damn dog and that's the truth.

He's old now and extremely arthritic.  Most breeds can get around on 3 legs with minimal troubles. Not the Basset Hound. Their are so front heavy that they rely on those massive front paws to support them. When one doesn't work, everything goes out of whack.

He can't put any pressure on his front left paw due to the arthritis and it's taking a toll on his whole body.  He has to be boosted up onto the bed & the couch. Walking from one room to another leaves him exhausted and panting and needing to lie down.

He can't even go down the stairs to pee anymore.

I just took him out and took this video to show you guys how bad it's gotten.

I made an appointment for Thursday to take him to the vet.  I'm honestly not sure if he will be coming home with me or not.

I have been crying myself to sleep at night playing the visit out in my head. I'm 99% sure the vet is going to suggest letting him go and putting him to sleep.

I absolutely refuse to be one of those pet owners who take desperate expensive measures to keep him with me if he's suffering but at the same time I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to have to watch them inject him and hold him as he's dying. 

I worked in a vet's office for a while and I've seen animals euthanized. It's quiet and painless and quick but never ever easy.

I don't know for sure what the visit will hold but I'm trying to prepare myself for all outcomes...

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