Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vacations: A small vent

I know it's petty and I should be thankful for what I've got but a pal just booked a trip to London for just her and her husband. No kids.

I would LOVE to get away with Mike for more than one night but my mother and sister won't take them for more than an overnight.  We've tried take a weekend away going away to Disney but they said it was too far and they would be too nervous.

So the furthest we can go is Atlantic City.

I would love to take the kids to Europe but the airfare is insane for 4 people and we cannot afford it.

I am thankful that we get any time away at all. I know moms who have never had a night away from their children.

I guess I'm just bitter because when I was younger (starting at age 5 and my sister was 3) my parents would put us on a plane, unaccompanied and we would fly to Fort Laurderdale Florida. Every Christmas & Spring Break. My parents went all over the world while we were away.  My mother who hates to travel, got to travel all over the place thanks to my grandparents and I who love to travel can't get two nights in a row off.

This summer I'm going to talk to my mother and see how she reacts to my suggestion that we drop the kids off in the Berkshires for a week with her and Mike and I get to go and do something.  As I'm typing this, I'm cracking up because I know, that even with them being in camp from 9-4 each day she will say no.

She loves my kids but they cramp her style.

My dad who just came back from a month overseas was telling me all about it. I told him I wished we could travel and go to Europe. He said,
"You can! Go and do it!"
"I can't, we can't afford the airfare for 4 of us"
"So just you and Mike go"
"What? Leave the kids with mom? You think she would go for that?"
He started to laugh and said
"You're right. You can travel when they are in college"


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