Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well that was fun...

Yesterday I went to cupcakes and coffee with one of my very good pals and another woman that I've met a few times and really like.
We had a great time and as the day was winding down my cel phone rings. It's the school. I assume someone is hurt or sick so I gird my loins and answer.
Nope, this time it's the school alright but PJ is in trouble. According to the woman on the phone (Who's name I did not catch because a 6 train decided to pull into the station as she was introducing herself to me) PJ was in the office because he was unable to keep his hands to himself. They put him on the phone with me and he told me that he had jumped on another classmate.
This is not new behavior and without further conversation I knew what had taken place because it's his trouble spot.
He gets playing with a friend or classmate, gets excited and gets way way too rough. His aggression isn't out of malice or a bullying spirit. It's over excitement and impulse control issues. The issue being he has none. He doesn't think before he acts.
PJ is a good, gentle, kind kid. He would never harm anyone just for the sake of inflicting pain or being mean. He's not a mean boy. Yeah, I'm his mother but I'm telling you, he's not mean. He's not a bully. He's just a little rougher than some.
Anyone who has spent any time around my boys can testify to this.
I'm not even sure the other kid wasn't playing along. All I know is PJ got caught and (rightfully so) got in trouble.
Had the behavior gone on at home, he would have gotten in trouble here too.
I anticipated speaking to the principal at pickup and when I approached her we began talking and she led me over to his class pick up area and began to talk to the mother of another child (the one PJ jumped on - I think) telling her what had gone on.
Apparently she had no prior knowledge of what happened and got very angry (again, rightfully so). It seems that this morning, she had seen PJ tossing his backpack around and his rubber skeleton around and it caused her son to fall while they were on the stairs. I had NO idea this had happened and was all at once defensive, horrified and embarrassed.
Now I've got Lion tugging on me to leave, PJ is whining that he wants to go and I need to figure out just what the hell is going on.
This mother is now really pissed and demanding from the assistant teacher the details of what happened.
I apologized and made PJ apologize again both to the little boy and to his mother and we got the hell outta dodge.
When we got home, PJ informed me that it was NOT the same kid in both incidences but two different classmates. I have some sleuthing to do and try to get the facts together...

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