Monday, August 31, 2009


Today was a half a day for Lion. 8:30 to 12:30. A "get to know you" sort of a day.
When I went to pick him up his teacher told me he did well, he was "A little all over the place" but he's very sweet.
Oh and I should talk to the CST and his Advocate about getting him a one on one aide in the classroom because the second classroom assistant doesn't arrive till 1:00 each day.

WHAT?! What's this? Come on! It's day 1 of school, you've been with my kid for 4 hours! I was up all night long with a twisted gut concerned, anxious and worried about him doing well and fitting in and being understood.

For you to tell me straight out of the chute that you think he needs a 1 on 1 makes me wanna just cry.

We tried last year. We really really did try. We met with his team and the Behavioral Therapist said they didn't think it was necessary for him and wouldn't recommend one for him.

I'm afraid we are going to get blocked again this year and what if we do? What if he's denied again for a 1 on 1?
Will his teacher not be able to deal with him? Will she not WANT to deal with him? The thought of my little guy in a classroom all day long with a teacher who doesn't "get" what he needs is awful.

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