Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeling nostalgic & missing my pal...

Growing up I was blessed with the most amazing girl for a best friend. We were inseparable and she truly was my better half.

Without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I owe her everything. I am hard pressed to find a teenage memory she is not in. We were trouble with a capital T. Rock chicks who had the world by the balls.

We were arrogant, cocky, cool as hell, sexy, smart and fun to be with. Well, maybe not me as much as her. She was a total package. When I tell you my girl stopped traffic I am not exaggerating. Not even a little bit.

She was a 6' tall leggy stunning brunette with a smile that lit up a room.
I of course, her loyal sidekick was the 4'9" blond with the huge hair and the big boobs. She was confident and fearless and I was loud and tough.

My dad loves the memory of us at ages 13-16 (when he had to drive us to Brooklyn to go to L'Amour) we would be in the backseat of his car, giddy silly girls, gossiping, all excited but the second he pulled up and stopped the car we were tough as nails mols. We would step out of the car and do what he called the "fuck you strut" (one of these days I'll get him to do it on video)

Too cool for school and WAY too good for you little boy with the leather jacket so step aside. Bouncer? How cute. Is that what they call you? I'm sorry, did you say cover charge?
Don't you know who we ARE?! We don't PAY. Check the list. Christiana plus one. Guests of someone cute and connected. Drop that rope now peon...people need to see this fabulousness that is Chrissy and Diana.

He said it was amazing to see the transformation and to this day it still makes me laugh to remember how cool we thought we were.

We also shared our passion for and love of horses. For a while we had our horses at the same barn and rode together every day. My horse died on the way home from a horse show in September of 1995 and I stopped riding. She continued and wound up teaching jumpers to kids and becoming an amazing accomplished rider. They were her love and her passion second only to music.

Time and time and time and I got married, had the kids we were always friends but not as close and then she got married, moved to North Carolina somehow her husband convinced her she wanted a motorcycle and in July of 2007 she veered into oncoming traffic (we think she passed out from a hypoglycemic attack) and was hit by an oncoming van. She died at the scene.

From the Gaston Gazette:
Details on weekend wreck Contributed by Lauren Ohnesorge Tuesday, July 24 2007 A motorcyclist killed in a Saturday wreck on N.C. Hwy 321 near Blowing Rock may have been having bike trouble, witnesses say. 33-year-old Christiana Parker Hendrix of Charlotte was pronounced dead at the scene after being ejected from her 2006 Harley Davidson motorcycle. At approximately 6:15 p.m. Hendrix was traveling north on 321 towards Falcon Crest when troopers say she lost control, went left of center and collided with a southbound 2001 Chevrolet van. The driver, Sandra Morgan of Lancaster, South Carolina, and the three passengers of the van were not injured. While the accident did occur in the construction area, the collision happened on a straight section of the road on a clear day. Witnesses say Hendrix appeared to be struggling with her bike. No physical evidence was found on the roadway, however, to corroborate that theory. As of yet, an official cause has not been determined.

Devastated doesn't really begin to cover how I felt when I got the news and quite frankly still feel.
I loved her in a way I'll never ever love another human being.
Not a single day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her. The world is much colder and darker without her and there is a clear hole in the universe.
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Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog..I knew Chrissy from when she rode at Overpeck with Cheech. She was a talented, fun loving, and beautiful person. I am devastated by this loss. I can only imagine how you must feel. I know it's years after the fact, but my thoughts and prayers go out to you. She was so special..


Diana said...

It's always wonderful to hear that others loved her too. She was supremely special.
Thanks for reading!

Rone Barton said...

Diana, a lovely tribute. I was one of Chrissy's ephemeral boyfriends from way back when. She always talked about you (first mentioning your name while coming out of her closet full of enough LA Gear sneakers to make a Lady's Foot Locker feel understocked), and then I had the pleasure of meeting you one of the last two times I saw her - a year after we'd split - in passing at a club called Studio One in New Jersey. She was such a special person, and according to her, so were you.

RIP Christiana.

Diana said...

Rone, I don't know how I missed this comment until just now, this very second. I'm so sorry it took me all this time to publish it! Your comment has made my day. I miss her today and always.

Rone Barton said...

Thank you, Diana. :)